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Nataly + Jack: A Pomplamoose Wedding

I’ve been a fan of Pomplamoose since discovering their YouTube channel way back in 2009. During their 2014 tour, my wife and I caught their show at the Mercy Ballroom in Nashville, TN. After the show, we stood in the long line to meet Nataly & Jack and take a selfie with them. It was fun to tell them about our then 9-month-old son, whose nightly bedtime routine included watching their music video for “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”

When I learned they were engaged to be married in early 2016, I contacted them via social media and email. I introduced myself, included one of the selfies we’d taken with them at their Nashville concert, and offered to shoot their wedding for free. It was a long shot, and I honestly didn’t know if I would hear back from them. Nataly called me within the hour. I was floored.

Nataly was so incredibly nice on the phone. She let us know that it was perfect timing, as she had been looking for a wedding videographer but couldn’t find one that they loved. I was so honored to hear that they watched several of our wedding films and loved what they saw.

Let me just say that Nataly & Jack are two of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. It was very amazing to see that they both really are the genuinely nice people they appear to be in all their videos. When I returned, a friend of mine and follower of Pomplamoose asked me that very question: “Are they really as nice as they seem?” And my reply was an honest and resounding, “YES!” Furthermore, they surround yourselves with equally amazing personalities. Everyone I met at the wedding was so nice and genuine, and believe me… I see all kinds of personalities when shooting weddings.

Apiary Fine Catering Wedding, Lexington KY

Austin & JD had a church ceremony in Lexington, KY, followed by a gorgeous reception at The Apiary. Their love shines through in this video, and Austin is perhaps the most smiling bride I’ve ever encountered. I love how much Austin is smiling throughout this video. She was so happy the entire day, and her beautiful smile makes it hard not to be drawn in. They also had some very unique details… from the Maker’s Mark cigars to the equestrian place cards (think Kentucky Derby).

Congrats Austin & JD Blacklock!!!

Wedding Venue: Second Presbyterian Church
Reception Venue: Apiary Fine Catering and Events
Coordinator: Melissa Clark Buck / Soirée Blue
Photographer: Hannah Walker Photography
Videography: Sublime Wedding Films
Band: The Sensations
Florals & Design: Refined Social Events
Stationery: Touies Design
Cake: Martine’s Pastries

Phoenix AZ Wedding Film • Tina + Jesse

We had the privilege of traveling to Phoenix, Arizona to capture Tina & Jess’s wedding. The couple met while Tina was hosting AM Kentucky and Mid-Day Live on WBKO-TV in Bowling Green, KY. They were together for over two years before Tina was offered a job hosting The Morning Blend on WGUN in Tucson, Arizona. Jesse didn’t hesitate packing up and moving across the country to be with her.

Congrats Tina & Jesse Rhoades!!!

Wedding Venue/Cake/Catering: Arizona Grand Resort & Spa
Photographer: Sierra Blanco Photography
Videography: Sublime Wedding Films
DJ: SKM Entertainment
Florist: Flowers by Jodi

Olde Stone Wedding Film • Sarah + Justin

Sarah & Justin had the most beautiful wedding at The Club at Olde Stone in Bowling Green. We got to explore a bit of the golf course on their wedding day, and we got some really nice images of this wonderful couple along the way.

Congrats Sarah & Justin Pemberton!!!

W. Venue: The Club at Olde Stone
Photographer: Josh Salley, Frozen in Time Photography
Videography: Sublime Wedding Films
DJ: Brady Chaney
Wedding Cake: Sugarbakers
Coordinator: Tootie Finkbone
Draping: Nashville Event Draping
Florist: Flowers by Shirley

Traditional Argentine Tango Video

Continuing coverage of Laila & Andrew’s Cancun Destination Wedding. (You can see their full wedding film here: Cancun Destination Wedding Film).

I remember the first time I spoke with Laila on the phone. She was so excited and bubbly – a ball of energy. It was contagious. She made me excited about her wedding in a way that no bride before her had. I couldn’t wait to meet them and make their magical wedding film come to life. There was talk of a beach wedding, an underwater trash the dress session, cake-cutting dances, fire dancers and… a traditional Argentine tango.

Laila & Andrew practiced this tango for over six months while in a long-distance relationship. I’m not exactly sure how they accomplished this, but then… they are an amazing couple that are always doing extraordinary things. We’re Facebook friends these days, and I can’t keep up with how fast-paced they are. There is always something exciting going on in their lives. I think they are just such positive and energized people, they can’t sit still. I love it.

We met with Laila and Andrew the night before their wedding to watch their final rehearsal of this dance. We wanted to ensure we had the best camera angles for all the intricate dance moves. There’s lots of Glidecam shots here, matched with a Canon 5D Mark III. Just beautiful footage.

It was fun to see them in their element – especially Laila. She is a seasoned dancer, and it shows. In our last article, we covered Laila’s underwater poses for her Trash the Dress video. She was amazing there, and she’s amazing here in this dance.

Laila & Andrew’s Traditional Argentine Tango Video: