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Continuing coverage of Laila & Andrew’s Cancun Destination Wedding. (You can see their full wedding film here: Cancun Destination Wedding Film).

I remember the first time I spoke with Laila on the phone. She was so excited and bubbly – a ball of energy. It was contagious. She made me excited about her wedding in a way that no bride before her had. I couldn’t wait to meet them and make their magical wedding film come to life. There was talk of a beach wedding, an underwater trash the dress session, cake-cutting dances, fire dancers and… a traditional Argentine tango.

Laila & Andrew practiced this tango for over six months while in a long-distance relationship. I’m not exactly sure how they accomplished this, but then… they are an amazing couple that are always doing extraordinary things. We’re Facebook friends these days, and I can’t keep up with how fast-paced they are. There is always something exciting going on in their lives. I think they are just such positive and energized people, they can’t sit still. I love it.

We met with Laila and Andrew the night before their wedding to watch their final rehearsal of this dance. We wanted to ensure we had the best camera angles for all the intricate dance moves. There’s lots of Glidecam shots here, matched with a Canon 5D Mark III. Just beautiful footage.

It was fun to see them in their element – especially Laila. She is a seasoned dancer, and it shows. In our last article, we covered Laila’s underwater poses for her Trash the Dress video. She was amazing there, and she’s amazing here in this dance.

Laila & Andrew’s Traditional Argentine Tango Video: